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Interview of James by Conscious Media Network (194 kb)
From Reginas preface: “America is going through transitions of historic proportions, transitions which are destined to touch the realities of other cultures and economies around the world. I find it relevant because what happens on American soil generally impacts a large percentage of the global culture or economy. We are seeing some of the more frightening examples at this time.
With all this in mind, I decided to contact James the Wingmaker, a man of European decent who claims to be from an ancient line of beings. He incarnate on earth to help lift our understanding during challenging times. He chooses to remain anonymous so that personality does not interfere with the message. I have read a good amount of James´ work and have listened to audio files of the one interview available. What strikes me about him is a deep kind of intelligence and wisdom that adds a mature view of humankind`s development to the melee of competing spiritual, metaphysical and conspiratorial messages.” The interview is made on distance with written Q & A:s.